Online Mock Test for APDCL Various Post, General English [Part -4]

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APDCL, Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. was incorporated on the 23rd day of October, 2009 as a public limited company wholly owned by the Government of Assam. The ultimate object of the Company is to undertake the electricity distribution, trading, supply in the state of Assam or outside in accordance with provisions of Applicable Law and all activities ancillary or appurtenant thereto.

Online Mock Test Field Assistant Post of APDCL, General English Part- 4

Total no of Question: 10

Time: 10 minutes

Welcome to your APDCL Set4 General English

I want to buy ___ eggs

___ Cauvery flows through Tamil Nadu

My brother is___ N.C.C. Cadet

Gold is__ metal

We will stay here for ----- while

My brother lives in ___ U.S.A

There is ------ sugar in the cup

Please give me ___ time to finish this letter

____ girl was given a prize

____ of them have gone there

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